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Criminal Law

What’s Important to Know about Possession of a Deadly Weapon Charges?
What’s Important to Know about Drug Offenses?
What’s Important to Know about Domestic Violence?
What’s Important to Know about Assault?
What’s Important to Know about Reckless Driving in Connecticut?
What’s Important to Know about Passing a School Bus?
What’s Important to Know about Leaving the Scene of an Accident?
What do you Tell People when they’re Caught Driving Without Insurance?
Is Driving Without a License a Serious Offense?
What Does it Mean if I have a Cell Phone Violation?


What’s Important to Know about a OUI/DUI if I’m Under 21?
What happens if I Refuse to take a Breathalyzer?
What’s Important to Know about prior OUI/DUI’s?
When does a Hardship License apply and How do they Work?
Can you Describe the Field Sobriety Test process?
What’s Important to Know about OUI/DUI Penalties in Connecticut?
What is DMV Enforcement or a Mini Hearing?
What is the Court Procedure for OUI/DUI?
What’s Important to Know about BAC Levels?

Personal Injury

Auto Accidents

How do I get Reimbursed for my Medical Bills after being Injured in a Car Accident?
What Damages are Recoverable in a Personal Injury Case?
What happens if I’m Hurt by a Drunk Driver?
What Forms do I have to Fill Out after being Involved in a Serious Accident?
What happens if I’m Seriously Injured in a Car Accident and the Other Driver has No Insurance?
How do I Determine if I have a Good Chance of Winning my Personal Injury Case?
How Long will it Take before I Recover any Damages for my Injury?
Will I be able to Sue for Injuries if the Accident was Partially my Fault?
Can I Sue the other Driver for my Injuries?
What’s Important to Know if I’ve been Involved in an Injury Causing Auto Accident?

Slip & Fall

What should I know if I Slip and Fall on Ice and get Injured?
Is an Injury caused by a Sidewalk the Responsibility of the Town or the Homeowner?
If I get Injured Inside or Outside a Building, How do my Medical Bills get Paid?
What happens if I get Injured on Public Property?
Is it Important to Get a Lawyer if you get Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?
I just Slipped and Fell on my Neighbors patio. Do I have a Claim?
Does a Homeowner need Prior Notice of the Defect in order to be Responsible for a Personal Injury?

Worker’s Compensation

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?
What Happens if my Workers Compensation Claim is Challenged?
What types of Benefits am I’m Entitled to under Workers Compensation?
Does Retirement have an Impact on my Workers Compensation Case?
Is there a Limit I can Collect with Workers Compensation?
How do I Determine my Weekly Benefit Check?
How Long does the Workers Compensation Process take?
How do I file a Workers Compensation Claim?
How do Fees Work and how do I Pay my Attorney in a Workers Compensation Case?
How do you Obtain Permanent Disability Benefits?
Can I get Reimbursed for Expenses due to a Workers Compensation Case?
How do I get a Workers Compensation Hearing?
What if I’m Working for my Employer and I’m Injured on Someone Else’s Property?
If I’m on Workers Compensation, do I have to Look for Work?
Do I get Lifetime Medical Coverage with Workers Compensation?
Why should I get an Attorney when I have a Workers Compensation Claim?

Dog Bites

What Should I Do if I get Bit by Someone Else’s Dog?
What are some Questions I should Ask the Owner of a Dog that just Bit Me?
What’s Important to Know about Dog Bite Injuries?
Is a Dog Owner Responsible if a Dog Attacks Someone?
Can Someone Other than the Owner be Responsible for a Dog Bite Injury?

Wrongful Death

What happens if a Loved One gets Killed on the Job?
What is the Normal Time Frame for a Wrongful Death Case?
How do you Determine how much to Expect from a Wrongful Death Verdict?

Corporate & Commercial Law

What’s the First Step an Entrepreneur should Take when Starting a Business?
What is the Best Business Formation Structure?
What’s Important to Know about Selling a Business?
What’s Important to Know about Buying a Business?
What’s Important to Know about Business Licensing?
What’s Important to Know about Negotiating a Business Lease?

Landlord & Tenant Law

What should a Landlord Consider when Creating a Lease?
Do you Recommend a Processor to do an Eviction?
What should I do if my Tenant Stops Paying Rent?
Can I Sell my House with the Tenant Still Living There?
What’s Important to Know if my Tenant Breached the Lease?
What Court Handles Landlord Tenant Issues?
I’m considering a Written Lease or an Agreement Without a Written Lease. What is the Best Option?
How Much does it Cost to Evict Someone?
I want to Evict a Tenant; How Long will it Take to Get Them Out of the Home?
How do I Sue a Tenant for Damages to the Property?
How do I Stop a Tenant from Damaging my Property?
Should I do a Three Day Notice by Myself?

Probate Law

Am I Going to Need a Guardianship for my Will?
What is Someones Role as an Executor of an Estate?
What’s Important to Know about Estate Administration with a Will?
Do I get Compensated as the Executor or Administrator of an Estate?
What is the Process when Preparing a Will?
What are the Fees involved with Wills and Probate?
When should my Will be Updated?
What are the General Court Fees involved with Administrating a Will?
What do I Need to Do to Make Changes to my Will?
What Happens to an Estate if Someone Dies Without a Will?
What is Power of Attorney and what’s Important to Know about it?
What’s Important to Know about a Health Care Proxy?
What’s Important to Know about Medicaid Planning?
What are my Tax Responsibilities as a Beneficiary of an Estate?

Real Estate Law

Selling a House with an Oil Tank
Can I Sell my Home if it’s in Foreclosure?
What are Post-Possession and Pre-Possession Agreements?
As a Seller, What Happens if Violations are Found During the Title Search?
What would you Recommend if the Seller Can’t Be at the Actual Closing?
What are some Benefits of Short Selling a Property?
When is it Best to Turn Off the Utilities when Selling a House?
How do you Coordinate the Closing of a Dale and a Purchase on the Same Day?
Do I Need a Survey?
How does the Realtor Get Paid in a Real Estate Transaction?
How does my Mortgage get Paid Off and what Proof do I get?
What are the Tax Implications of a Short Sale?
What is PMI and what’s Important to Know about it?
What is an Attorneys Role during a Real Estate Transaction?
What are the Closing Costs when Buying a House?
I’m Buying a House that Requires Repairs Before Closing. How does that work?
How Long does it Take to Close on a House and is there Anything you can Do to Expedite it?
How Long can a Tenant stay in a House I’m Buying?
How Important is a Home Inspection Contingency?
Does a Person Have to be out of the Home at the Time of Closing?
What is the Legal Process involved when Selling a Property?
Can I Avoid Paying Capital & Gains Tax when Selling my House?
When we get to the Closing Phase, Where does that typically Take Place?
What is a Realtor’s Role when Buying a House?
I’m Selling my House, what do I Need to Know about the Disbursements Involved?