Slip & Fall Accidents

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Injuries resulting from a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident caused by dangerous property conditions, such as broken stairs or icy walkways, can be far more serious than many people realize. A hard fall can cause anything from broken bones to a mild concussion and even traumatic brain injury. These injuries can be costly, in addition to the pain and suffering involved, and many injured victims seeking compensation ask “Are property owners liable for injuries on their property in Connecticut?” If you need quality legal support from a law firm with over 35 years of experience, contact The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman for a consultation today. Our firm has handled countless slip and fall accident and trip and fall accidents across the state of Connecticut and provides the representation you need and deserve.

Sidewalk Accidents

We walk through our towns and cities with little knowledge of the hazards we face as we navigate from one place to another. When we are hurt because of a sidewalk accident, it is important to consider our legal options and protect ourselves from an uncertain future. If you fall on a sidewalk, you could endure serious injuries, including concussion, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and more.

Parking Lot Accidents

If you are injured in a parking lot, you may have to consider taking legal action against the property owner responsible for the conditions of the facility’s surface. We frequent parking lots to access airports, schools, malls, and much more. We hope that those responsible for the conditions of parking garages will take the necessary steps to ensure our safety while we park and go about our business.

Snow and Ice Accidents

Snow and ice accidents can be quite devastating. We hope that the liable parties will take all consideration and action to ensure the safety of passersby. This is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many instances when a property owner liable for the condition of a sidewalk or a municipality responsible for the conditions of the street and crosswalk did not take the necessary care to protect the people that frequent these walking surfaces.

Supermarket Accidents

Though we are mostly unaware, supermarkets are riddled with dangers that put us at risk for injuries. We depend on the care and attention store owners should provide customers who come to the store to shop. We also depend on the store to be safe and well-designed. This is not always the case and patrons are often faced with hazards that can cause injuries, including falling items, wet floors, loose produce, defective shelving, poorly designed aisles and more.

Premises Liability

Under the rule of premises liability, property owners, property managers, agents, landlords and others in control of property have a duty to take reasonable care to maintain their property and ensure it is free from dangerous and defective conditions and safe for visitors or occupants. They must repair the premises within a reasonable time or post adequate warnings of hazardous conditions that cannot be remedied.