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The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman is an experienced Hartford County landlord-tenant law firm. We help landlords and tenants resolve difficult legal disputes involving evictions, litigation, security deposit disputes, and drafting/interpreting leases. Our firm handles all landlord-tenant legal issues, including:

  • Evictions/unlawful detainers
  • Landlord-tenant litigation on behalf of both landlords and tenants
  • Negotiation and drafting of legally sound lease agreements

Our firm has assisted landlords, tenants and other lawyers with their landlord-tenant disputes and questions. Our firm handles all areas of landlord-tenant law, and we do not shy away from difficult cases, including matters involving security deposits, summary process actions, litigation, collections and/or habitability concerns. In fact, many other law firms refer cases to us that involve heated disputes or highly complex issues.

Due to our 3 decades of experience, we are often able to anticipate the likely outcome in particular circumstances. To save clients time and money, we offer candid advice. When we feel that our services are not necessary, or legal action is not prudent, we are open with our clients about our concerns. Our philosophy of putting clients first has enabled our firm to thrive and prosper. It is not always necessary to litigate your disputes, especially when there are other, less expensive means of finding a satisfactory solution to your disputes. Our goal is to assist our clients in getting the best results in the most fiscally responsible manner, but we will never avoid litigation when it is necessary.

In addition to strong motion practice and a history of litigation success, our firm also handles landlord/tenant appellate needs. Our appellate work emphasizes our understanding of the law, persuasive advocacy skills, and experience. If you need quality legal services, contact The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman for a consultation today.

Rights and responsibilities of landlords

Under Connecticut law, both landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities. For example, landlords are generally responsible for normal wear and tear of the apartment or leased property, as well as:

  • Cleaning the apartment prior to the tenant moving in
  • Cleaning the common areas
  • Keeping the hallways and entryways well-lit
  • Ensuring heating and plumbing are properly working

We assist landlords whom we represent by drafting a thorough, fair and meticulously written lease agreement. We firmly believe that by providing landlords with a thorough lease agreement, we can protect our clients to the greatest extent possible in the event that a dispute arises with their tenants. We also assure that our clients understand and abide by the law regarding the handling of security deposits.

Rights and responsibilities of tenants

While landlords must provide a rental unit as described in the lease, tenants have their own responsibilities, including:

  • Paying the rent on time
  • Keeping the apartment clean and in good condition
  • Keeping noise levels down
  • Giving notice of repairs needed
  • Repairing or paying for damage
  • Giving the landlord permission to enter the apartment at reasonable times, with advance notice, to inspect or make necessary repairs
  • Giving notice when intending to move out

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