What should I bring to a consultation with an injury attorney?

Your initial meeting with a personal injury lawyer sets the stage for your entire relationship. It is important to approach this meeting properly and help your attorney build your case on the strongest foundation possible. It is important that you bring everything related to your injury to your initial consultation. Let an experienced personal injuryRead More

What is the process of litigation for personal injury cases?

For the most part, personal injury lawsuits are settled before actually going to court. However, your personal injury attorney should be prepared for litigation and have prepared a solid case to present to a jury, if necessary. First, our attorneys will go through the process of investigating your accident to determine who was at faultRead More

What is title insurance?

Title insurance is a type of insurance that protects owners and lenders against any loss or damage to their property that may be experienced due to liens or other title defects. Each title insurance policy will have specific terms, conditions, and exclusions. Title insurance protects the homeowner and/or lender from another person trying to claim anRead More

What are the penalties for marijuana distribution in Connecticut?

If you have been charged with the distribution of marijuana in Connecticut, you are facing serious consequences. Though marijuana possession is decriminalized in the state of Connecticut, the distribution and simple cultivation of a small amount of the drug is not. If convicted of distribution, you are facing a felony, a large fine, and yearsRead More