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West Hartford, Connecticut Attorney

The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman has served West Harford and all of Connecticut with quality legal support for over 35 years. Our firm handles a myriad of legal issues for the people of West Hartford, including criminal law, personal injury law, municipal matters, zoning law, workers’ compensation disputes, real estate law, landlord-tenant issues, and much more. People from West Hartford appreciate the attention and caliber of representation we provide. If you are in a legal situation that calls for an effective and experienced law firm, contact us for a consultation today.

We frequently get calls from people in West Hartford, Connecticut asking about our legal services. We are conveniently located a town away from West Hartford. We understand that people don’t want to travel far for legal services and they are pleasantly surprised to find our law office within minutes of the town. An easy ride on Cottage Grove Road, Route 218, leads clients from West Hartford right to our doors. Once a client arrives, they often comment about the convenience. What gets them even more excited is the quality legal services they find when they get to our office. Our experience and integrity speaks for itself.

People from West Hartford and the greater Hartford area are our neighbors and we show them the respect and personalized attention they deserve. We are committed to every client and it shows. Clients from the area are always happy with the effective representation and friendly demeanor they receive when they get to our office. If you need our skilled legal support for your matter, contact our firm for an initial consultation today.

Marc Needelman is an experienced personal injury and criminal defense attorney, serving the greater Hartford, CT area. Click here for your free initial consultation.